Meet Ann 


Summer 2016, marks the beginning of a new chapter. This June I received a Master Degree from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Moving to Providence and becoming a member of the international community at (RISD) has been an a life-changing experience for me. My studies included a course at Brown University where I worked directly with the homeless population of Providence and a trip to South Korea for the advanced interior architecture studio, Seun City, where students where prompted to use architecture to bring innovation back to a destitute area of Seoul. 

The Interior Architecture program of Adaptive Reuse is where I focused on developing public spaces while addressing the problems of poverty, climate change and how architecture can be used as a learning tool for children in low-income communities.  

I have been to 20 countries and I have lived in four major cities (Chicago, London, New York and Paris). Los Angeles being the only coast I have not lived on. It is in California where my pen and paper will take me this summer to continue to work as a designer and interior architect.   

Originally from the Midwest, I received a bachelor degree in film and video from The University of
Illinois - Chicago, where I also added a minor in Art History.   These combined studies continue to influence my approach to design. The results can be seen in my film and television work and in my thesis project, The Enrichment Center, Brooklyn New York.  This adaptive reuse project proposes the development of a mentorship center in an abandoned police station where young men of color can gain homework help and daily life skills as they work directly with police officers as mentors. 


Ann McKinnon